August 15, 2013

Say Hello: Mike Berntsen & Nick Roy of Gentleman's Cooperative

I was recently contacted by an old friend from Iowa about a new business venture he's bringing to the Chicago area.  I always get excited when I hear about cool or fun new places opening in Chicago, but I get extra excited when it involves Iowans in Chicago.  Let me be more specific...

My friend, Mike Berntsen, and his business partner, Nick Roy, are opening what is sure to be the finest new custom clothier in the City of Chicago: Gentleman's Cooperative.  Located in the penthouse of 111 W. Jackson & sharing space with John Allan's Men's Salon, Gentleman's Cooperative is a men's custom clothier "established to provide men with the finest custom garments in the world. Whether you need an entire wardrobe, a sports coat, a fine custom shirt or simply a pair of stunning cuff links, we're here."

image source: Gentleman's Cooperative

A little about the owners...  
Mike has long admired & been a consumer of custom tailored men's fashion.  He's worked for many years for various companies, doing everything from selling books to working for one of the world's largest media & information firms.  Nick has been a tailor for the past several years with a couple of well-known custom clothiers, but you might know him from his other job working as a Corporate Magician (if you watched the last season of The Bachelorette, you may also recognize him).  With Mike's business acumen & Nick's knowledge of the fine clothing/tailor world, these two are bringing a dynamic experience in custom clothing to the Chicago area...lucky, lucky you men of Chicago.  

"We started Gentleman's Cooperative for a lot of reasons.  The main reason being that in men's custom clothing, the average sales is around $2,000 and all of our competitors only offer a "how can I help you?" - followed by a handshake & a smile, then you're out the door.  At Gentleman's Cooperative we want to make shopping for men's custom clothing a true experience. While picking out their custom wares men can enjoy a scotch or beer, play a game of pool, watch custom suits being built in front of them by our master tailor, who has 35 years of experience under his belt.  Also, with John Allan's partnership, men can enjoy unlimited cuts/trims, manicures, hot towels, hand massages and shoe shines.  It will truly be the most enjoyable way to satisfy all of their business clothing needs. We'll also be developing a perks card membership that will give customers perks around Chicago - whether that's a discount renting a BMW for the weekend or express seating at high-end restaurants around the City." -Mike Berntsen

image source: Gentleman's Cooperative

image source: Gentleman's Cooperative

They Also Have...

image source: Gentleman's Cooperative

>>>>  You're Invited!!!  <<<<

Gentleman's Cooperative is having their official kick-off party next Thursday, August 22 at their space - 111 W Jackson Blvd, Penthouse Suite - Chicago, IL 60604.  My sister Abbey & I will be hitting up the shindig and we hope to see you there too!  Just be sure to RSVP to JACHICAGO@JOHNALLANS.COM

Stop by and Say Hello to Mike & Nick - get cozy, checkout the digs and enjoy a few complimentary beverages & tasty bites!  

Be There...or Be Square

image source: Gentleman's Cooperative

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  1. Gosh It is soo great that Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Roy brought this idea to Chicago where the market for such a company is probably exploding!! GREAT Article Ashley... Very well written and extremely informative!!


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