Hi there - I'm Ashley & this is my little corner of the blogosphere...thanks for stopping by!  If you read on you'll learn a little more about me & my roots...

I originally hail from 90 acres of fresh country air, chaos & bliss - lovingly referred to by my family as "the Arp Compound" in Palo, Iowa.  My parents still live in the house where we grew up & I absolutely love going back to visit.  I have called Chicago home for the last six years, but my heart & soul are rooted in the calm but adventurous pace of the country (I am very much a Midwestern kinda gal).  I grew up playing ice hockey, driving four-wheelers & snowmobiles, splitting wood, boating, rope swinging & stargazing.  We may not have lived in a neighborhood, but I was lucky enough to have four siblings to laugh, cry & get into trouble with - not to mention the epic games of capture the flag & ultimate frisbee that ensued every summer.  I wouldn't trade my childhood for the world.

Today, Chicago is the second love of my life (just behind Iowa, of course). I can't get enough of big city living - the restaurant scene, amazing culture, diversity, nightlife, museums, parks, the Lake, the beaches and just the natural buzz about Chicago - a big city drenched in Midwestern charm, and only a four hour drive from the Arp Compound.  Pretty perfect if you ask me.  I'm not sure how long I'll stay in Chicago - no plans to leave anytime soon, but life happens.  You never know where it might lead you, and I'm always open to new adventures & experiences - I also have a serious travel bug that I don't see fading any time soon.  One thing's for sure - I'll take my roots with me wherever I go!

Thanks for reading - I hope you come back again & again...

xo Ashley

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Four-wheeling on the Arp Compound | Palo, Iowa

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