August 7, 2013

Attention Almost-30-Somethings...and All Other Women For That Matter...

Have you heard about the piece Olivia Wilde penned for Glamour magazine on turning 30?  If not, get your head out of the clouds for a few minutes and read her hilariously & thoughtfully put together points (a Dos & Don'ts list) on why turning 30 is something to be excited about - not something to dread!  I must admit, this milestone is less than a year away for me so this article most certainly resonates (I literally love & agree with every point she makes).  Whether you're in your 20's or 30's or any wonderful age for that matter, we can all take away a tip or two from Olivia about how to grab life by the balls & totally rock out as the awesome, good people we all have the potential to be.  If you're already rocking out your life to the fullest (GO YOU!) I'd still suggest reading the article for your daily dose of smiles & laughter...

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